Seven Days On The RBN

So I got a bit of a thing going at the moment. Lets call CW on all the bands that I use, 40, 20, 15 and 10m and just see what spots we get on the RBN and then do this everyday for a week, around the same time and see just how the results change each day. Seems like a good thing to do now we have a lot of sunspots and some solar flux happening. I will update this thread as the week rolls along.

DAY 1:

Lots on 40m into the USA, not much on 20 and up.

DAY 2:

Not so much on 40m, but a lot more on 20m and up.

DAY 3:

My worst effort yet. I did make a contact though on 40m, VK4FOMP came back to my CQ call, i was not prepared and looked like a total idiot.

DAY 4:

DAY 5:

Interesting the difference that an hour can make, went from nothing to something. Conditions are certainly different today than they have been all week. A spot in The Canary Islands and nothing on 20m and up.

DAY 6:

The worst conditions so far this week.

DAY 7:

Well that is a sad end and uneventful end to the week on RBN. We have thunder and lightning very very frightening LOL and my antenna are currently disconnected. So what can we make of all this, well nothing really. But it has been a bit of fun to see how the bands have changed and how the number of spots received have tailed off with the solar flux numbers. Maybe I should repeat this in the mornings and see how that changes over time also. Thats something for another week.


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