Class C Power Amp

I have been thinking about re-configuring my WSPR transmitter and adding a few more bands. I have 2 antenna, a 40m dipole and a triband vertical for 20,15 and 10m. So, the way I see it, i should be able to run WSPR on 5 bands, 80 through 10m with the 80m band being not that great.

I also figured that WSPR is nothing more than CW, so why not use class C amps and gain some efficiency. After a bunch of googling and looking at what parts I have here, i settled on the following push pull design that should cover all the bands I want.

I can fit 2 of these on the same board, and run WSPR on 80/40 and 20/15/10 transmitting on both antenna at the same time. I have a board laid out, its just a matter of sending it off to get make. And before i can do that, i need to finish off a couple of other boards i have in the works.



First 10m FT8


First contact on 10m FT8. Kind of ironic that it was with an Fcall. Not really being heard anywhere other than Australia, but its good to know that things are improving. I am not a 10m fan boy, 15m is more my style, but i am thinking I should actually work on some more DXCC counts for this band as things improve.