The Golden Rule

I have been mincing on how to approach this post for a few days now. I think that this is the eleventeenth revision. So lets see if i can manage this with some level of decorum and professionalism. So, the golden rule of ham radio, NO RELIGION, NO POLITICS.

Over time i have been slowly dropping out of the online space, specifically social media because I am just done with the yelling at each other over politics. From ham radio groups on facebook to general news, the US election is like a pox that is infesting every aspect of life and everything it touches it destroys. Once good communities where people from all sides of politics worked together on a common and shared interest start ripping each others faces off like vampires taking over the world, all because one person took a partisan political stand.

Our TV and newspapers in Australia are filled daily with partisan politics from the USA, so much so that even though we had a state election here on the weekend, stupid shit that trump says makes the headlines. Trying to find an escape from the fucktardery that is US politics is becoming harder and harder. There were still some bastions of hope within the ham radio community that were holding out against politics in ham radio, but the last beacon of light has also been snuffed out.

Soldersmoke decided to take a partisan stand in the US election. I understand what they did and why they did it. But the end result was always going to be the same. They turned a once mighty community focused on home brew, electronics and learning and turned it into just another platform for people to divide into their tribes. Fuckwits for trump, dickheads for biden and the third group which I am more a part of, cant we just have one fucking thing that is not perverted by US politics. The answer is no. We cannot.

Ham radio just died for me today. There is nothing left to hope for. It is just me and my soldering iron now. The last voice of reason has walked out the door.


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