Locked Out and Linux Update

So I use some pretty strong security measures on my blog and server, because there is always some script bot trying to gain access to things. So pretty much if you try to login and you are not allowed to, you get IP banned. Well, like an idiot last night, i tried to login and i selected the wrong account name and password, and locked myself out of the blog. So i rage quit and went to bed for the night. Got up this morning, SSH into the server and did some linux foo and allowed myself back in again. HAHAHA

Now, touch wood, since i have installed the proprietary AMD graphic drivers for Radeon cards, I have not had a single crash. PC has been running now for 3 days and it would have typically crashed at least once in that time. So, i think i have fixed the problem and I can now get on with getting things setup and back on track to doing much more productive things.


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