Echolink On Linux

Sometime ago, i wrote a bit of a guide on how to install echolink on linux, what packages you needed to install and what not and how to compile and install it. Its one of the posts on here that gets a lot of comments, usually questions as to why its not working for them or upgrading their OS broke everything because of static linking.

Anyway, as it turns out someone has taken over maintaining the project, they have made the few minor changed that were needed to make it compile on modern flavors of linux and they have made packages available for it.

So its now just a simple matter to install it on any debian based distro using aptitude.

And that is all you have to do.




10 thoughts on “Echolink On Linux

  1. I tried the previous instruction and could never get it to work properly.

    This way works PERFECTLY!

    Thank you for sharing the info 🙂

    1. I followed these instructions and I am only able to connect to another qtel station that is also on linux, but I cannot connect with the echolink station that would connect me to the local repeater and thus go on the air. Why not?

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