An Update, Story Of My Life HAHA

So windows. Pain in the arse that it is broke shit again last update. This time it was the MTP driver for andiod devices. I use my phone for making videos and taking pictures for my blog and I use my tablet for reading watching TV so moving files on and off both are important and being able to connect to a USB port and just do that without dicking about with stupid work arounds is important.

As far as software goes, there is not a lot now days that I use that there is not a suitable linux replacement or native linux version. The sticking points comes down to 3 pieces of software. First is Ham Radio Deluxe, i know there is fldigi but i just do not like it, second is the software for my SDR receivers, there is no real replacement for the SDRplay software. Yeah there are some old and unmaintained projects, but nothing that is current and worth using  and the final one is Vectrix Aspire, its a 2d cad program for CNC routers.

For now I will be dual booting for some ham radio stuff, not that I am doing much there anyway currently, to focused on work and moving things along trying to build a house. Plus a wind storm took down my 40m dipole last week and I have an issue with the tri band vertical and have not been bothered with trying to sort out either of them. Within the next couple of weeks I should know whether we are moving or not and if so I will just pull it all down and start packing things away till after we move.

So anyway, I am now running linux. I can access my phone and tablet again and do the things I need to. Tomorrow I am off to look at some blocks of land where we would like to build and then Friday I hope to start doing some of these experiements with the Pi that have been getting delayed over and over again. HAHA


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