Books Books Books Books

I was given some books by a friend to read. The series is called The Last Dragonslayer by a British author, Jasper Fforde.

Not overly large books, so i spent good portion of Saturday and Sunday reading books one and two and now that I am finished for today, I will knock off the third one. Its kind of a fantasy fiction comedy, not the normal swords and sorcery, high fantasy kinds of stuff I would normally read, but well worth reading. If you are bored and looking for something to read, I can highly recommend these.

And for the 3 people who read my blog HEHE, make a comment down below and tell me what you are reading, I will be book free in a few days and I do not think that George Martin or Patrick Rothfuss are ever going to release the next books in their series and I need something to read 🙂