Today I Learned Something

So today I was bitching and moaning to some friends about how stupid it is that there are so many standards for digital voip modes, DMR, D-Start, All Star, Fusion blaa blaa blaa and on and on it goes and how you need eleventeen different radios for them all and that someone needs to come up with one dongle to rules them all so I can just use the stupid Baofeng than I never use to connect to whatever network I want.

I hope to be moving within the next 6 months and where we are going there is not going to be much use having 2m and 70cm fm stuff because of a lack of people and repeaters. Some of my mates have DMR others have Fusion and other Dstar and Im like fuck that I am not buying more stupid fucking handhelds to talk to no one with. I have DMR and a hotspot and that is going to be it.

Well, I learned that I can bridge from DMR to Fusion using PiStar and my hotspot, so today I did that and talked to myself on the parrot. Its actually not that hard to do, change a few settings in Pi-Star, modify the codeplug and its done. Its not one ring to rule them all, but its a start. It would be good if this was possible with more systems, but for now, having 2 on the 1 radio will do.


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