It Did Not Work


I was bored yesterday so i thought i would try building an amp from these transistors I have sitting in the box. Ummm yeah I smoked it pretty hard before I even got any significant power out. I think the main thing is that I could not drive it hard enough to get it into the linear region and I might have had a bit to much bias happening. I will try again, but from what I was reading online, these transistors have a habit of wanting to detonate.


4 thoughts on “It Did Not Work

    1. Yeah Tom, carbide burr on a dremel. And just run it along a straight edge so it does not wander all over the place LOL, Not that it ended up very pretty, but, it worked 🙂

      1. Ha, no the board looks fine. I’ve made uglier ones that way. I meant the FET… One of those SiC jobs? You know, the ones that can drive a kilowatt if you attach to a 100 lb water-cooled copper block. I have some, somewhere. Haven’t had much time for it.

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