5 thoughts on “ESP32 SI5351 VFO, Audio AGC and Filters

  1. Hi Rob,
    I’ve just received boards for your ESP32,Si5351 VFO etc and low pass filter. Components for LPF are straight forward but a little more difficult for the ESP32 etc., is there a parts list and a picture of the completed board available. Many thanks if you are able to help with this.
    73 Bob

    1. there is no parts list, but i will see if i can export it out of ecad, but I will dig up a full picture of the board for you. Resistors and caps are 1206 size SMD, the opamps are dual and quad SOT packages, the rest should be obvious.

  2. Thanks Rob,
    Parts on order, the level shifter board is coming from AliExpress in China so will be some time.

    1. No worries. Let me know how you get on. Sorry it took a while for this reply, your post was flagged as spam and I did not see it till today.

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