5 thoughts on “RF Sampler

  1. do you have boards made up for the RF tap?
    M3 Electronix made a kit for this many years ago but I’m unable to locate one.
    Unfortunately, I’m not good at building but if boards would be available as well as a suggested case, that would be a great start for me.


    1. Sorry cant help you there. I have boards, but I do not sell them or give them away. If you go to the menu above, and go to project files, you will find the gerbers that you can send off have them made. But you will be on your own to find the parts to complete the project based off the schematic alone, and there is no guarantee that I will offer any support if things do not work as expected.

      I know it sounds like im being an arsehole, but I ran a very successful business for over 15 years and doing home brew was my escape, I have no desire now I am retired to deal with customers and offer actual support for a paid product ever again. By giving things away I reserve the right to do nothing or say what i think (often which might not be nice) HAHAHA

      Good luck,


        1. Yeah that is the sum total of it. My desire to deal with people is next to nil. No offense to anyone personally, but I am burned out HAHAHA

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