5 thoughts on “Air Variable Cap Parts

  1. Maybe I missed something at some point – but have you built these? I had wanted to do something similar for a while, but is on the backburner of projects.

    1. No i haven’t built them, but they will work LOL. A few bits of threaded rod and some nuts and washers would make some high voltage tuning caps for an antenna tuner. I did do some calculations for the amount of capacitance per plate, but i cannot find them anywhere.

    1. Hey Tom, I have the boards here to build these up. I have done a small test and have a 40 to 300pf air cap sitting on the bench LOL

      1. That is just too cool… I would be interested to see how they do across temperature. I can’t decide if copper on FR4 would be good or bad for that! The old ones were plated brass, or aluminum for the cheapo drifty ones… For an antenna tuner, none of this matters much anyway!

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