FT8 On 40m

Been a while since i have made an actual qso of sorts, so i did a little FT8 made 6 contacts and turned it all off again LOL Bands are hopeless for anyone running low power and crappy antenna.


2 thoughts on “FT8 On 40m

  1. Still haven’t used FT8 yet as I’ve heard most are using 50-100w, not really interested in it. I used PSK31 at the last solar cycle low when I was in WA and worked 30m & 20m using compromised antenna with about 20 watts and had a ball as most didn’t. like digital modes, how times have now changed….

    1. Naa most are running more like 1 to 2 KW in VK, where as I am running legal, 30w. FT8 is such a high duty cycle I dont want to buy my radio out in short order by running it close to the limit for extended periods of time. We need some sun spots to come back so there are stations to work that are not Japan and America LOL

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