WSPR Amp Prototype

So i have been thinking about an amp to use for WSPR. I have so many parts here and so many options its not funny. What I am thinking at this point is to use these UHF fets I have. Specs in the datasheet says they should be good for 18db of gain to a max of 7W. What I am thinking of doing is SI5351 -> Single -> Push Pull. This should get me to a couple of watts or there abouts.


Last time that i built this circuit up i burned the pads off the PC when i ran way to much current though it. In the datasheet, 200ma is not the amount of bias, its the amount of total current. Actual bias is only 1/2 a bees dick at most. Less than 2V and that changes depending on what VCC is being used.

200mW drive yields 1.2W out. VCC is 7V and total drain current is 400mA.

I had to break out this bad boy because the ammeter in the HooHaa power supply is about as useless as tits on a bull. When it displays 0.1A you are pulling more than 1/2 and amp and the board starts to smoke.


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