Missing In Action?

Naaa I am still here I have just been taking a break and doing other things for a while. There is a lot going on currently and the world is a mess and I have been doing my best to avoid all of it. So what have I been doing? Well, iRacing for one, its a good time sink and an escape from the everyday, plus I used to be a racer all be it bikes, but always wanted to race midget speedcars and well now I can from the safety of my own computer screen.

I really needed a holiday, both from work and from amateur radio and so for the last 3 weeks I really have avoided both. Now i am refreshed and invigorated and its time to get back into some of the things piled up on my bench and then some more. The receiver part of the tranceiver is mostly working now, today i will get it all back together and give it a test this afternoon and I am also working on some code for a WSPR transmitter and i think i have it all working now and just have to design a PA board for it and its ready to rumble.

More to come.


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