A couple of weeks back I was toying with the idea of using the board i developed to use in a transceiver and programming the ESP32 to do WSPR. Initially i tried connecting the ESP32 to my home wifi to lookup the time from an NSP server etc etc but I had trouble with the ESP32 not connecting to my wifi.

After enabling better debug messages and doing some google foo searching for the answer, i took a good look at the debug messages and discovered that the brownout timer was being triggered because the voltage on the USB ports on the front of my machine was to low for it to be happy. Changed the cable and changed to a rear port and I was back in business.

Half an hour later i was watching wspr coming out of the SI5351a on the oscilloscope and i knew I was in business. Grabbed out a small PA and LPF, connected it all together and we were in business.

Power out of the PA going to my antenna is about 1W. Since I took the screen cap below, i have upped the voltage going to the PA to bring the output up to exactly 1W.


And as for whispering, we are whispering sweet nothings to all the usual suspects. I do not expect this to break any land speed records, but its been a fun exercise and now I am going to work on adding switchable LPF’s and ramping this up to 4 bands. I have 2 antenna here, one is a 40m dipole and the other is a tri-band trapped vertical. So having 4 bands running should be cake. I do have the boards for the LPF as well, i just gotta build them and code up the band switching.


Missing In Action?

Naaa I am still here I have just been taking a break and doing other things for a while. There is a lot going on currently and the world is a mess and I have been doing my best to avoid all of it. So what have I been doing? Well, iRacing for one, its a good time sink and an escape from the everyday, plus I used to be a racer all be it bikes, but always wanted to race midget speedcars and well now I can from the safety of my own computer screen.

I really needed a holiday, both from work and from amateur radio and so for the last 3 weeks I really have avoided both. Now i am refreshed and invigorated and its time to get back into some of the things piled up on my bench and then some more. The receiver part of the tranceiver is mostly working now, today i will get it all back together and give it a test this afternoon and I am also working on some code for a WSPR transmitter and i think i have it all working now and just have to design a PA board for it and its ready to rumble.

More to come.