Its Always The Way

I have spent the last month worrying about my business, finances and not dying from The Rona. So yesterday I actually felt motivated enough to start working on a project I have had sitting here for some time. Got enough built where I could start testing things, turn on the PSU and it hooks up straight into current limiting. Hmmm, I have a short. So i go into diagnostic mode and start to deep dive.

It did not take me long to work out what the problem was, the regulator for the 3.3V supply rail used a different pinout than whats on the board. I had assumed that the 3.3v regs i had were all of the L78xx series, but they were not, somehow I had bought LD1117Vxx series which have a different pin out.

The only ones I can get locally in the same footprint are 50ma and I need a couple hundred ma. So i had to order from element 14 and they are god damn hopeless on a good day and do not expect to have parts for a week. I would have ordered from mouser, but i do not have the money to put in an order big enough for free shipping and I just dont need much at the moment.

The joys of home brewing HAHAHA. I now have hay fever like a MOFO and feel like i am dying. So I am going to dope up on phenergan and go to sleep for a few days HAHAHAHA. Too much information?


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