No Annular Ring

I am building something where I needed some IO expanders. I have these modules sitting in my box of arduino crap and figured i could desolder the headers and reverse them and then plug these into my pcb board.

I got to starting on that when I realised, there is no annular ring on the top side of the board. There is no way to really solder the headers in the other way. Bloody stupid board designers doing stupid things like this.

Now to find a solution to my problem.



4 thoughts on “No Annular Ring

    1. Yes I did. I used extra long headers and then soldered from the bottom and cut off the excess. I forgot i even had these 21mm long header pins.

    1. I think what happened is the solder they used is so awful on the board that it looks like there is no plating. The ring is there and its plated through, it just looks missing because of the really dull grey look of the solder.

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