I Sprung A Leak

So the story goes something like this. I am trying to mate the home brew transmitter with the SDRplay so I can get on air and see if i can make a qso or 3. The problem is, i have LO leakage on the transmitter. Now we are not talking a very big number here, presented to the receiver is -90dbm. A fly fart in the wind of rf, but the point of a receiver is it is meant to be sensitive and can hear a signal down to say -120 dbm. So my tiny leakage is orders of magnitude above the smallest signal the receiver can hear.

This poses an obvious problem, on receive I will never hear anything because I have an S9 signal screaming at me. The solution to this is rather simple. I need to add in an extra relay into the TX/RX switching to get greater isolation of the receiver from the transmitter. This will also help with the bleed over on transmit also as there is no way to mute parts of the receiver easily. Well i can mute the software but that is not helping the front end of the receiver seeing a large input signal from leakage.

Anyway, I have worked out the problem and determined a solution, its just a matter now of building it and seeing if that makes things usable.


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