40m DSB Talkie Walkie

I usually regret posting about something before I even know its working, I mean this blog is littered with the dead corpses of so many projects it probably should be called Robs Graveyard. Anyway, I thought i would post about where I am at with the 40m DSB Talkie Walkie. Other than having one small thing to test, everything has worked as designed.

Shock horror I know, but mayby after 5 years of killing parts, I am finally getting the knack. I have compacted the boards into 2. Yeah i could fit it all on the one board and in a future edition I might just do that, but for now I see a lot of advantages in keeping all the digital stuff on its own board with header interconnects.

All i am left to do is to send them off to China and have them made, build, test and make QSO’s with it. Wish me luck.

The Main PCB board

The Digital Board: Arduino and SI5351A


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