A Reason Why I Don’t Do Clubs

Its funny you know, I have never been a club guy and there are many reasons why I am not a club guy, but one of the bigger reasons why i more generally do not like people all that much is that they tend to disappoint. Personally, i think its better to be agnostic on what people are like and thus not think bad of them. So i tend not to give them much of an opportunity to disappoint.

Take trying to upgrade a license here in Australia, you are stuck more or less in having to deal with the old boys club who think they are the gate keepers of all that is holy in ham radio, rather than just being mere cogs in the process. So it was kind of funny to get a reply to a post i made to a local club some 18 months ago about sitting an exam at their ham fest.

I guess they have had a change of leadership and club vision as the new guy in charge is actually replying to all the dead posts. But, for me, its been this type of experience over and over in many areas of ham radio that clubs and people are pretty much dead to me. I just do not have time for the small minded politics and empire building.

LOL it is what it is.


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