73 And Thanks For All The Fish

Well its been coming for a while and today is the day that its been achieved. I am no longer a radio amateur. I am an electronics enthusiast. Yep, I am done with the people. When you have groups that lie, cheat and exploit for their own end, get exposed time and time again and other groups to gutless or hamstrung to be able to deal with it in a manner that will fix the issue once and for all, I figure, why bother. I am better than all this and so I am out.

I have some really good radio projects in the pipeline that will be released over the next 2 to 12 months. I am currently working on a 5 watt DSB hand held. Tonight I have laid out the Transmitter board, I have some fixes to make to the receiver board and I can sent those off to china to get made. I hope to have the whole project competed by the end of the year. And having quit just about all social media, I should be able to, with some luck, achieve that goal.

Ham radio been dumbed down
To just another form of CB
Marketed to shoppers
Spoonfed carton ham radio like sheep —Paraphrased, Jello Biafra.

2 thoughts on “73 And Thanks For All The Fish

  1. Rob,
    Don’t lose hope and give up; there are many of us homebrewers who rarely get on air if only for a signal check. I know that I am a grumpy old senior citizen licensed for over 40 years, so what you see now I have seen before; nothing changes.
    Thank you for your posts as they help me in my projects.
    Keep the faith and best 73.
    Stephen VK2BLQ

    1. I will still be doing electronics and building radios and the like, i am just leaving the people, politics and social media behind. There are more fruit cakes there than at a CWA show. LOL

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