Nothing New Under The Sun

In response to my state of the hobby address here: I had someone send me this. Not sure how readable this will be for most people, but its from 1938 in a magazine called T&R Bulletin, which later became the RSGB magazine. It would seem that even way back when in the dark ages, there were those who were becoming disillusioned with the hobby due to the attitudes of predominantly the old guard.

There is no fool like an old fool, and there is nothing so pathetic on the air as a veteran amateur, who presumably is old enough to know better, making a complete idiot of himself. 

It would seem that even back in the old days, black box operators and shit dribblers on 40m were becoming the norm and it was the newbies for the better part that were setting the example. Not a lot different today is there. Fcalls get all the abuse, but its their betters who are setting the shit example.


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