7th Order LPF Boards

Ok, I have still been working at building stuff. Here is the latest piece of what will become a CW transmitter. These boards are 7th order Chebychev low pass filters.

This is the PCB as laid out in ecad. 4 boards per PCB and you can get 5 PCB from JLCpcb for $2 so that is 20 low pass filter boards. A life times supply.

My current project is a 40m CW transmitter, here is the LPF sitting on top of the TX/RX switch.

Filter response plotted with the NanoVNA.

If you want to have your own LPF boards made, here are the gerber files:  LPF_Singles


Strawberry Wine

Strawberries are currently in oversupply and the shops are practically giving them away. So what do you do when you can buy berries for nix, well make wine of course. I have one batch in demijon already and another that has just started in the fermenter. 8Kg of berries to make 5L of wine. Works out at about $4 per bottle.