I Can Do QRP, ME

I got excited last night and grabbed some of the piles of junk out of the piles of junk draw to give a go and see if i could do anything with them. First off the ranks was the Pixie, its god awful but works. I did not manage a contact with it last night but was spotted by the guy up the road on RBN.

This morning I sent a mate in Sydney a message and got him to listen out for me and after he opened his filters up to find where I was, we made the exchange. Brisbane to Sydney with a Pixie, 750km or there abouts, so that was SUCCESS.

Next I busted out the Frog Sounds, I dont know why but its not working on receive, but it transmits just fine and is making 1/2 to 1 w. So i called CQ a few times just to see if I could make some RBN spots and low and behold i got a spot in New Zealand. 2600km. So that was a success also.


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