ISS Award

I found out about this award yesterday from a friend. I am really going to have to get better prepared for the next time ISS starts transmitting again, so I can collect the whole series of images along with the award.


3 thoughts on “ISS Award

  1. Great to see you got some of the ISS SSTV pictures and applied for the award. I missed out on the whole set, I only missed two out of the 12 picture set. I think I missed picture 8 & 9, I didn’t get a clear one of number 8 and didn’t even receive number 9 at all.
    Cheers, Adam VK2YK

    1. Yeah I am sold on the whole idea now Adam. The next time the ISS does SSTV I will be there from the beginning and try and get the lot. Seems like a lot of fun for a passive aspect of the hobby.

      1. Yeh it is quite good fun, I missed picture 10 also. Most of my pictures were captured without me being present due to times of the passes.
        Have a look at website and search my call and you’ll see some of the SSTV pics I’ve posted, I usually only put up my good ones but this last lot I put up a picture of all picture numbers I received.

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