8 thoughts on “Jaycar Ferrite V Type 43

  1. Hi Rob, how did you manage the software to work?
    I can connect the nanovna (via com4) but pressing the get data button does not show a trace on the graph
    73’ Ton PA1PXL

    1. Are you certain its on COM_4? I would try other com ports just to be sure. For me it comes up as COM 12, but that is because of which USB port I am using.

        1. Hmmm about the only suggestion i could make is to try a different USB cable and then a different USB port on the computer. I had one USB cable that came with a phone that was only a power cable, it had no data wires. I hope that its something simple like that for you.

    1. That is awesome Ton, I am glad it all worked out for you. Now it is working, what do you think of the unit? Would be interested to hear your thoughts.

  2. Hi Rob, for the price ( < 50 usd incl shipping) it sure is a no brainer! I compared some measurements against my Rigol 815 and they all looked the same. Highly recommended! Best 73 from the Netherlands Ton PA1PXL

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