2m Slim Jim Antenna

A long time ago now I built a slim jim for 2m and 70cm using the design calculator found here: https://m0ukd.com/calculators/slim-jim-and-j-pole-calculator/ anyway all i had to check it was a cheap SWR meter and it kind of looked ok and worked ok. So today after putting it back in the air so I can use it, i figured that I should chuck it on the VNA and see what is really going on. Well, it looks rather ugly that is for sure but it actually works well enough and its not very high off the ground either. Maybe 4 meters. But i can open a bunch of local repeaters ok from the Gold Coast to Noosa and that is good enough for me.



Slow Scan TV

So today i did something different a bit of slow scan TV. I did a bit of a rush job on what i sent and you can see the picture that i received from my friend Adam. This was on 40m. But the plan is to get the 2m rig happening and use it to receive the ISS as it goes past.



E-DX 50

I screwed up with this one as well and submitted on the wrong call. But its still valid as it only takes in the Fcalls log. Still not a bad effort for an Fcall really. Shows it can be done with a little CW and SSB.


RF Coupler Testing

Did some dicking about with the VNA today and tested the rf coupler i built. Not sure how i interpret the data, but i have it LOL


The through port return loss. I figure what this means is from 1 to 100meg the through port has a quite flat frequency response.

Port Isolation. I figure what this means is i have a coupling factor of say -18db or near enough.  I might have to rebuild it with some more turns, I was looking for at least 30.


!! This Is Serious Mum !!

Ok, it made RF before I broke it. Not a serious break, one of the trimmers failed and I cannot set the bias to the right hand bank. Going to be a bit of a job to pull it apart and remove the dead trimmer, thinking about it now, I really should have used SMD parts for everything that I could on the board to make fixing things like this easy. Will see how i go tomorrow when i dissemble it LOL