Why, Why Windows 10?

I really don’t know why microsoft really wants to screw things up all the bloody time. This morning i wanted to burn a raspbian image to a sd card to fire up a new Pi i have that I am using in an project i am working on. And you would think something as simple as stick disk in slot burn image wold work. NO NO NO. Windows has been upto its old tricks and changed all the bloody device drivers so that my card reader no longer worked. After dicking about for 30mins and swearing profusely, I did some google foo to see if there was anything known going on. A quick driver roll back and boom we are back in business and have the Raspbian being written to disk. WOOP another tragedy in the making and total disaster avoided. HAHAHA Microsoft, what a steaming pile of turds. And before any of you linux fan boys comment saying oh just use linux, I can’t because i need to run some proprietary windows software for work as well as some other software that has no real linux replacement that will not work under linux and wine.


Well that went surprisingly smoothly after windows wanted to be a dick LOL


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