SETI at Home

So what seems today like 500 years ago I got involved in the Seti At Home Project. Actually i got involved not long after it first started with my initial sign up date being the year 2000. Horay for the stats they keep. Anyway, while chatting with some friends, I was reminded about Seti and that it has been a long time since I had even thought about it. So i downloaded the client and fired it up and have let it run in the background of my computer ever since.

I have always been a bit of an astronomy fan boy, particularly radio astronomy and being a radio fanboy and homebrewer of sorts, Seti is a pretty good fit. Its funny, back in 2000 I think i was running a 486 and it took a day to process a data block, now with a fancy GPU in my office computer I am processing a data block every hour. Havent computers gotten faster.

And its not just aliens you can give up your computer processing time to. The science united project that also uses the Boinc client has plenty of other scientific projects that could use the help of distributed computing methods to crunch the data. So if you got a buzz for science check them out and give them a go.


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