Change Is As Good As A Holiday

Its been a while since i have shaken things up around here. Over the last few days I have been migrating to a new server. Actually, rather than being on a VPS i am now on a dedicated server. Its an older server, but the price is great and the specs are perfectly adequate for what I am doing and the outbound data allowance is huge.

So having managed that migration rather smoothly, I have changed my URL to something that better reflects what is going on here and I have also gotten signed digital certificate and am going SSL. So other than a couple of hard coded links, most things here should work by using HTTPS.

So with that change in the air, i am going to go through the old posts and delete things that never worked or were just plain stupid as well as probably add or change some of the content I keep on here. Deletions won’t be wholesale, but there is enough junk on here to warrant a little bit of a clean out. And after i go through the images as well, i might get my backup file to something a little more convenient than the 5gigs its getting close to.

So my first post here was on September 16, 2015 and in that 3 and 1/2 years I have gone through 3 hosting providers. I have also learned a lot. Looking back on some of my old projects the boards i am making now look almost professional compared to the agricultural things I started out making. I also much prefer blogging over making youtube videos also. I do not do any of this to make money. I do it for fun and relaxation only.

I have been thinking for a while to start making more static content for the website. Mostly i make blog posts and they eventually slip off the front page and become history. Well, i can also make static pages within wordpress and I have some ideas of things that i would like to write about. I have some things here that are part written pieces that I was going to submit to another site that i might end up cleaning up and posting here. We will see how that goes.

For now, the cleanup starts. The old URL will redirect to here and then, I will start looking at content and a serious look at some projects. I think i have the skill, ability and knowledge to actually pull off some good work, both in the design and building of a project as well as writing content that might be enjoyable to read and be useful.

73. Rob.


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