Coffee Time

There are some little things in life where you want to go the extra mile and have something that is very nice. Coffee is one of those thing. Why drink dirty dish water when you can have an espresso. We got all excited here the other day and went out and bough a coffee machine. Not the most expensive machine out there, but a compact one what would fit on the limited space on the kitchen bench. But the proof is in the drinking and yeah the coffee it makes is nice.


YiHUA Power Supplies

A couple of months back I bought a pair of cheap lab power supplies off ebay that turned out to be crap. 20mv quoted ripple was closer to 200mv. I managed to clean one up with some massive filtering, but it was impractical and still the ripple and switch noise was to high.
So while searching for something else i came across these on ebay. 28v, 10A and a linear supply. They weight about 8Kg each. So did some googeling to see if there are any issue and there is one, over shoot when you cycle the power on and off and there is an easy fix to that by adding a cap. But hey, who cycles power supplies on and off anyway.
So i grabbed one and then checked the ripple, about 10mv. Thats perfect, so grabbed another one, cause you just cannot have enough power supplies.

So it looks like I am becoming a HeeHaa fan boy. 2 power supplies and soldering and reword station. Oh the humanity LOL