Uzbekistan, Another New One

Seems like its every other day that I am posting about working a new DXCC entity on my blog. Well, here is another one. Uzbekistan. From the looks of it, this guy does not LOTW, so its either pay for a card or not have it confirmed. Not sure what I will do here, I am not into paying for confirmations, but, I will always have this screen shot of the FT8 window as proof I worked him. Even if that does not count towards DXCC. 😉

Uzbekistan on FT8

Not to be outdone, I also worked Kazakhstan not once, but 2 times. And even have the NON AG card from eqsl to almost prove it LMAO, lucky i do not take this collecting numbers all that seriously. I have Kazakhstan confirmed on LOTW.

Kazakhstan on FT8

Eqsl Card from Kazakhstan


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