Steamed Snapper, Asian Style

This is no Pasta Pete recipe and I am not as famous as the man himself, but, I do cook, can cook and now and again knock one out of the park.

Tonight’s dinner steamed whole snapper with stir fried vege and noodles. The fish is stuffed with chili, ginger, garlic and spring onion, and topped with the same and a good splash of soy sauce and sesame oil. Steam in a bamboo basket until cooked.

The vege is just anything you like, I did red capsicum, zucchini, beans, snow peas, carrot and mushrooms, in a little Yaki Udon sauce and some slurpy Korean noodles.

If the proof is in the eating, all said and done, there was nothing left on the plate.

Fish all prepped and ready for steaming.

The final dish as served to the table. 

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