Radio Bebek 40m QRP Transceiver

Radio Bebek by the Bogor Homebrew Radio Community in Indonesia. Its an interesting little qrp radio that uses very common off the shell parts, mostly. There are a couple of oddities and absolutely no build instructions at all. So its not a build for the faint of heart, its a lot of reading the schematic and buzzing out the board to know what goes where because there are NO Part Designations on the board, only values and in some cases those values are wrong. But, i am having a go at building it and seeing how i get on with no instructions and only a schematic. Wish me luck. I do not think i will make this a transceiver, but will build it as a receiver only as i want to match this up to a 10w CW transmitter i have built.

The project can be found here on the authors website.



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