Finalizing VK4FFAB

So I have upgraded my license from cornflakes packet to Standard License. And while I do plan on keeping the call VK4FFAB if it is possible, it will not be getting used anymore. So i am finalizing logs and sending out bureau cards and officially putting the call into retirement. Oh and the reason why i intend on keeping the call is so i do not have to change domain names and muck about updating my webserver email and the like.

So after exporting the log from HRD and uploading it to all the usual places QRZ, Clublog, EQSL, LOTW etc,The final statyistics were 111 DXCC entities worked, 75 confirmed on LOTW. Not bad really for a 2 band bandit with 1 antenna, a 40m dipole sitting 8m in the air. Yeah nothing fancy but i managed to do ok. So now its onto VK4HAT and a new era of working DX and homebrewing. Bring on the christmas break I have so many projects in the cue and not enough time to do them all.