Pixie Power

I have had this bad boy sitting in a box for a while now. Unused and unloved. Well up until a few weeks ago I could not use it into anything but a dummy load because my old license restrictions did not allow me to transmit with anything other than a commercially manufactured transmitter. And being a good little boy, I had actually followed that rule.

So anyone, in box 1 we have a pixie, in box 2 we have an iambic keyer and the key is a Begali. I plan to fire it up tonight and see if i can get picked up anywhere on RBN, hear myself on a VK2 Kiwi SDR or even make a contact with a mate of mine who lives in VK3. RBN will be doable, VK4CT is just up the hill from me and I should be able to get a report from him at least.

Wish me luck.


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