15m FT8

Well they say 15m is dead. And it probably is in other modes, but in FT8 its firing quite nicely. I am receiving plenty of stations and being heard by some of them. I even popped my cherry and had my first FT8 contact. So with that out of the way, i proceeded to work a bunch of other stations also. Its been a while since i worked any dx of any kind, so to get a few in the log on 15m is nice.


The map below is my receive map. Asia, the middle east and Europe all being received.

The transmit map is not as great, but that is to be expected, I am running low power into a dipole, so cannot expect to be heard like a big gun, but I am getting out and making a few contacts. I am still a bit iffy when it comes to FT8 procedure, i need to read the manual and make sure i am doing it right. But hey, if i can start working some all new ones, or getting confirms on places i have had contacts with already, I might end up with that DXCC on 15m that i only need about 20 confirms for HAHAHAHA.


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