20m WSPR

Well doing 20m with a 40m dipole was never going to be very successful, but I went and did it anyway until the stormed rolled on through last night as i shut it all down. The plan ATM is to buy a tri band rotatable dipole from TETemtron, and put up a 10m mast in the backyard to mount it and a light duty rotator on. But that is going to have to wait a few weeks as I just bought a new car and am broke. LOL.

20m TX map with 5w ish.

20m receive map.


2 thoughts on “20m WSPR

  1. Great to see you up & running on digital now…. plus the new call too.
    So when do you start on FT8 or JS8call?


    1. HAHAHA yeah I have not even taken a look at FT8 yet. So much going on ATM not sure when i will even get a chance to. Busiest time of year for be work wise now until mid Dec, just bought a new ute so i am broke and as soon as we can, we want to get out camping again. I need to modify the uBitx for doing digital modes and take the computer with me and have a go at doing PSK and FT8 in WWFF activation’s, so much to do so little to see as Willy Wonker might say LOL. Anyway, how you been Adam.

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