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    1. Using it to upgrade to Std Adam. I send out a bunch of emails to find an exam session from the clubs and examiners near me and never heard back from anyone. So I went and sat the US License because they advertise when exams are and I was able to attend and passed tech and general. Will use it now to get reciprocal for Standard. Kind of shit way to have to do things, but it is what it is. Actually the whole upgrade and applying for new calls here really pisses me off. The process is as good as broken.

      1. Sad to hear that you had issues with getting a assessment done. I’m conducting a Foundation, Standard & Advanced session on the 7 Oct at my club, I really wonder with some areas with assessment sessions. I have a good relationship with most assessors in my area, so if I’m unable to conduct assessment, I’ll contact them to find out when they might be conducting assessments.
        The Foundation candidate emailed me directly and within a week I meet up with him and asked some questions then let pick my brain about anything he had questions about.
        Like I said at the start it’s sad to hear your horror story. A side comment have a look at my updated photo of my shack on QRZ.com you’ll see what I’ve been up to over the last month.

        1. You have the SDR going and monitoring all bands at once LOL I got a whole bunch of stuff on the go ATM, will post more details probably next week. But seeing that I am going to be able to TX with homebrew soon, lets just say there is a homebrew transmitter in my future 🙂

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