Vacuum Desolderer

I am no fan of desoldering, so when i saw this tool on ebay i was skeptical that it would perform any good. So i gave it a whirl today to see if it was going back or staying. Well its staying, its actually pretty damn good. Its not cheep for Chinese crap but it does the job. Nozzle over a pin, wait a second or 2 for the solder to melt, hit the button and suck it out.

Proof is kind of in the pudding on this one, made short work of desoldering the headers on this Arduino Mega. Pins just fall out as you go and the plated though holes are nice and clean.


20m FT8

I have been doing a little watching and learning on 20m FT8 over the last couple of days. Not the best on a 40m dipole, but hey if i put up a real antenna for the band it can only improve. So in the next couple of weeks I will have access to 20m, something that i cannot do on my current license, so i figured i should start to learn when and where the propagation tends to go in preparation for when I have access. There are a couple of all time new ones in that list, not enough to get me to DXCC in a hurry, but its good to know there will be DX to potentially work.