Homebrew Bending Brake

So there is this channel on youtube that i like to watch, Old School Forge by Chandler Dickenson, he is a blacksmith and a bit of a funny bastard to boot. Here is a link to his channel have a watch: https://www.youtube.com/user/chandlerdickinson anyway he has a saying Need A Tool, Make A Tool and I am currently in need of a tool, that tool is a bending brake for think stock aluminum sheet metal 1 ro 1.2mm thick.

I went looking on line as well in the local retail chains and they wanted over $100 bucks for one and well, i am not building the Taj Mahal or anything that good, so i figure I will make one out of either crap i got laying about or whatever i can find at the local bunnings. So $20 worth of 3mm mild steel angle, and $5 worth of hinges and some bolts and clamps I already had laying about and boom, we are in the sheet metal bending business.

It has an opening just a tad over 300mm and that is wide enough for anything I will ever want to bend, mounts in my vice on a bit of old scrap pine 3×2 and is accurate enough for the kinds of bodgey jobs I am making. Which currently is a lab PSU with 3 channels. Anyway that’s enough gabbing, time to go and do some more project work. And remember the motto, Need A Tool, Make A Tool.

I should also mention, to get the hinges to sit flat, you need to pop the pin out and flip one side over, other wise your crap will not sit level.

A small update: IT WORKS.


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