Weather Station Programing

What a day, what should have been a simple job, for a simple man turned out to be an all day endeavor to overcome a litany of problems. In other words it was a fucking disaster. LOL but hey, i got there in the end and now the weather station is about to be put back out in the weather to do its thing. So lets see, what went wrong, well the sensor i was using was different from the previous one, so i needed a different library, then the device address was different to what was in the code, then the micro controller I was using shit itself and died, then i had problems with my computer not recognizing USB devices, then the board library was being a pain in the arse and needed upgrading, and finally there was this problem with crashing because dumb arse here created an array and was causing a stack overflow because the array had no size.

Well, after all that, I now have a pile of crap on my bench destined for the bin and a nice space on my bench where the weather station used to be. This time i have spares and should be able to fix things if something breaks without having to wait months. Its been down for 5 weeks, and thankfully its back up and running. For now, touch wood. LOL. Now I need to create a page that will query the database and display the data.



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