TSSOP Soldering

I just want to say that soldering TSSOP at home packages sucks big fat balls. What a pain in the arse this has been. I spent lots of tine chasing out solder bridges. But they are done now and I guess i can start to use them. Oh and if you want to know what it is, its a compander, to be used to make an audio compressor for the uBitx, Bitx and the receiver I am building, and maybe ALC as well.


2 thoughts on “TSSOP Soldering

  1. Hey Rob, nice work. they can indeed be pain to do at home. I’ve had good luck with the swipe solder and then solderwick method. If you have a hot air rework gun that also works well.

    And, btw, it looks like you have a solder bridge on pins 5 and 6 in the closeup photo.

    1. Yeah there was, I took the high res photos with the SLR so i could blow it up and check, it looked like it was bridged under the magnifying glass but could not be certain, that photo was the clincher and i soon had that blob removed. I used solder paste, hot air and a mix of wick and solder sucker to clean up the mess. Anything finer than that and I would be buggered, 0.6mm is the limits of my eyes 🙂

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