Ubitx Build

Started to put the uBitx into a case. I did the front panel up on a mini cnc and it certainly has turned out better than anything i have hand cut in the past. Used 1mm aluminium plate with is nice and easy to work with and the filing to clean it up at the end did not take long at all. Its not perfect, there are a few things that could have been aligned better, but it is what it is and that’s how its going to stay LOL.

Something i was not happy with was how the heatsinks were mounted flush to the board. If you use this radio portable eventually they will rub through the soldermask and short out on traces. So i grabbed a couple of other heatsinks i had laying about here, drilled and tapped for some isolation between heatsink and board. I also using insulating hardware as well because the fets tab is live and things go bad when you short things to ground that are not meant to be LOL.

Board is now mounted and just awaiting wiring up.


Front panel now with knobs on. Just have to wire it up and be done. Oh and yeah I use a speaker not headphones so I can use 1 less jack and I also use a 4 pin mic socket rather than jacks.





4 thoughts on “Ubitx Build

  1. Is that the original front panel for this enclosure? While I have time until my uBitX will arrive I am really struggling to find the perfect case.

    1. No, its not the original front panel, its one i CNC’d out of some 1.5mm aluminum sheet. The actual front and rear panels are the same painted blue steel as the rest of the case.

  2. How’d you wire up a 4 pin mic socket? I must’ve screwed up trying because as soon as I turn the power on, it goes directly to tx.

    1. Hi Travis, 2 pins go to the switch, 2 pins go to the Mic insert. From the sounds of it, you might have your wires mixed up somewhere or something in the switching circuit of the mic you are using is pulling things to ground and closing the circuit. I would need more details and pictures to work out what is actually happening, but that should give you something to aim for.

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