uBITX Has Arrived

Saturday morning, not usually a day for mail here, but because its christmas the parcel guys are working weekends to make sure they keep up with the volume of mail at this time of year. It also means I have the new uBitx sitting in my hands.


6 thoughts on “uBITX Has Arrived

  1. Hi Rob,
    Have you hooked up a paddle? I can’t see where to put the 10k and 2k2 resistors.
    thank you for the LTspice tutorials
    best 73


    1. Hi Stephen, no i have not hooked up a paddle yet, mine is still sitting in its box. Waiting on a case to arrive before I look at it. The 4.7k resistor goes from the 5V rail to the keying line, its a pullup resistor to keep the keying line high.

  2. Hi Rob,

    I just came across your blog while hunting down user experiences with the uBitxm, so I am excited to find out how you think it would be put to best use.

    I am in Brisbane area and starting to get some of my boys keen on Morse code, and the possibilities of QRP NVIS CW activities when we go camping. (No ham license yet, but have been using a morse tutor written in Lua for Linux, which they like.)


    -rob h.

    1. Hey Rob, i use the ubitx as a portable radio. Its great, has a few quirks but mostly it is value for money. Once you have your license, you are more than welcome to come play with mine and see what you think about it before you buy one. It needs a couple of little things done to it to make it better like the wimpy audio amp needs another stage that can drive a speaker. Its kind of ok with headphones, but still needs more gain then also.

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