Embedded Systems Programming Course

So a week or so ago i was talking with a friend of mine, Simon about how he was wanting to get into embedded programming and what that would entail. He had come across a series of youtube videos that take the unenlightened of us and walk us through many examples of becoming proficient with toolchains that allow for programming ARM micro controllers.

Now, I can do quite a bit of superficial programming in C using the arduino, but it does hold your hand quite a lot and its great for simple things, but if you want to do anything serious you really have to man up and learn how to use IAR Workbench or some GNU C toolchain along with all the associated hassles that come with that.

For sometime I have been using STM32 and ESP8266 micros but wimping out and using arduino for programming those chips, but after seeing this course on how to do ARM programming using the right tools, I have decided that its time to give it a go and see if I can get my head around the whole idea. So i ordered the TI development board from Element 14 and it arrived today so now there are no excuses. Time to start learning ARM programming and perhaps soon i might be able to turn those new found skills into a DSP IF board for homebrewers. No promises, failure is always an option 🙂

And here is the link to the course ware for those who might be interested in all this as well and want to give it a crack. http://www.state-machine.com/quickstart/


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