600hz Tone Injection

So i was sitting here thinking about adding CW to the Bitx 4om. Now there are a number of ways to achieve this from unbalancing the mixer to tone injection. Tone injection seems like the easiest option for me currently and so I started to give some thought to where I am going to get my 600hz tone from.

Well, as I am already working on an Iambic keyer using an arduino, it seemed like the best place to start. It also turns out that this is also a very simple option as well as it really is just 1 line of code to turn a pin on and produce a square wave at the desired frequency with a 50% duty cycle.

And with some massive attenuation and some RC filtering, i should be able to turn this square somewhat sine and make it even sound nice.

tone (8, 600);

Can it get more simple than that.


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