Doing It For Yourself

So i got to thinking about my own homebrewing , after reading this post by Pete Juliano,

Now i am certainly no expert on all things homebrew, i am nothing but a total noob with some passion for self learning. Key point here, homebrewing is not all monkey see, monkey do, it is about self learning. Asking someone, hey your widget does not work, fix it for me is not doing homebrewing at all. there comes a point where everyone has to bite the bullet and start to understand what is going on, this is especially so with Arduino.

I do not provide schematics for my Arduino projects, the simple reason why is you the individual needs to learn for themselves how to find the right way to connect things to the board you are using. I have seen plenty of people complain this code does not work, that guys project never works and when you did a little deeper you find almost 100% of the time END USER FAILURE.

What pins you use to connect something to the I2C bus as an example is different between NANO, UNO and MEGA, and then if you use one of the spinoff boards from another 3rd party it might be different again. So, the point here is, you the end user needs to learn some basics about how things connect to a micro controller, how to read the pinouts for your board so you can find the I2C, Interupts pins etc, you then need to learn to read the code ENOUGH to find the lines of code that set the pins, so that you can change them to suit your board.

None of this is terribly difficult to learn, but it does take some effort to get off your own butt and learn something more than monkey see, monkey do. Trouble shooting is something everyone of us needs to learn. Going though some basic trouble shooting should be something we all do before we ask for help. So give trouble shooting a go, give learning a go. Get a basic understanding of how micro controllers work, buy a book, have a read, google even, the truth is all out there if you actually look for it. And in electronics, there are no Trump ALTERNATE FACTS, only end user failure and lack of understanding.


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