That Moment When:

You realize the yellow inductors you bought off ebay are not iron cores but probably ferite because 40 turns is equal to + 70uH. Or when you realize your LCR meter is a giant pile of gimp shit and will not measure a value of inductance lower than 10uH. It has been one of THOSE days in homebrewing and so now I am making a test jig to use with the signal generator and oscilloscope to measure the value of the inductors I am winding with some level of accuracy and then getting confused about how accurate the measures will be because inductance changes with frequency and and all that. HIHI. The life of the unwitting, the unknowing and the down right confused.


EDIT: the yellow inductors are most likely type 26, yellow and white. The inductance values I am getting for a given number of turns would suggest this is the case. Type 26 is not much use in RF, good to 1mhz.